Silver & Black Bracelet



  • 8mm beads 
  • Elastic Stretchy String
  • Sizing

    X-Small           5-5.5 inches

    Small               6-6.5 inches

    Medium           7-7.5 inches

    Large               8-8.5 inches

    X-Large           9-9.5 inches

  • Jewelry Care

    BBH Jewelry is NOT WATERPROOF.

    BBH + More Makes Fashion Jewelry so that it can be affordable however our jewelry does need special care taken into consideration to ensure a longer life span of the jewelry.

    Conditions such as high humidity, sweat, chemicals, & extensive exposure to air can cause damage to our jewelry over time. 

    To help our jewelry have a long life span, here are some tips...

    -Avoid jewelry coming in contact with water 

    -Wipe any water, sweat, or chemicals off of the jewelry with something dry.

    -When jewelry is not being wore, place our jewelry back in its plastic bag or pouch that comes with your purchase (or any sealable plastic bag).


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BBH Bracelets By Hailey Since 2016